Bears: The Chicago Bears are down to one kicker. With two preseason games left here is how we should evaluate Eddy Pineiro now that Elliott Fry is gone.

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The Chicago Bears did the right thing and made a decision at kicker before their preseason game tonight against the Indianapolis Colts. Whether they made the right decision on keeping Eddy Pineiro over Elliott Fry is still up for debate, but we need to temper our expectations.

With Elliott Fry gone, Eddy Pineiro will see 100 percent of the kick attempts. That means field goals and extra points and even kickoffs will all be his attempts to make. No more sharing reps with Fry. This also means that all week at practice, Pineiro was seeing every rep as well.

Now that gameday is here though, how are we supposed to react every time the kid attempts a kick? First, we need to remember kickers are not 100 percent accurate. I know that is hard to believe, but even Robbie Gould misses a kick or two per season. We also need to remember this is just preseason, but that does not mean Pineiro gets a long leash.

The Chicago Bears have already tipped their hand when they made efforts to trade for ex-Ravens kicker Kaare Vedvik. The Minnesota Vikings ended up landing Vedvik instead by giving the Ravens a 2020 fifth-round draft pick. Personally, I think that is a little steep. I would not have offered more than a sith-round pick and since Chicago missed out on him, Ryan Pace must agree with me.


Let us look at some hypotheticals for tonight, shall we? Eddy Pineiro attempts four field goals and one extra point attempt. He makes three of four field-goal attempts and the extra point. His long is a 52-yarder and his miss was from 47 yards away. Are we to call for his head because he missed one of five of his kick attempts?

The answer needs to be no. I know, I know. You already have your pitchforks ready. You are already coordinating a march on Halas Hall and Soldier Field. Wait. Be patient. We have to give it more time. Remember, there is another game next week against the Titans. Eddy Pineiro has a perfect night that night and makes another three field goals with a long of 54.

There was a time not long ago when the Bears’ visit to Indianapolis Saturday night for their third exhibition game of the season would have been the most important day of the preseason for the entire roster.

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