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Tennessee Titans : Two of the Tennessee Titans’ AFC South rivals got weaker on Saturday night. While two teams in the AFC South did not have a good night on Saturday, the Tennessee Titans were sitting pretty as two of their division rivals are all of a sudden much weaker.

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The Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts each lost a key player on offense in one night, obviously one of them being a much bigger loss than the other.

News broke on Saturday night that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is retiring and now the Titans playoff chances are looking better.
The Indianapolis Colts went on a run at the end of last season threatening to wreak havoc on the league in 2019. Well, that might not end up happening now that quarterback Andrew Luck is retiring as of Sunday.

Jacoby Brissett will be taking over the starting quarterback duties for Luck which leaves Brissett with a large task in hand to get the Colts back to dominance in 2019.

It’s unfortunate to see a player like Luck retire so young. He was a great player, and he was pretty fun to watch when he was healthy. I know with the Titans you’re not supposed to like Luck or the Colts, but I’m not going to lie I enjoyed watching him play.

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The saddest part about it was Luck’s reasoning behind retiring. It turns out Luck is mentally worn down, and he’s still dealing with injuries from four years ago. The press conference after Saturday night’s preseason game was also heartbreaking as he came to tears at the podium.

And it’s not like Luck is a bad guy on or off the field. I think he’s respected by his peers and he’s a unique character on the field. He’ll even go as far as telling a defender “good hit” after he’s brought to the ground.

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